Who We Are

Representing the brave officers of Glen Cove City, New York

About Us

Day in and day our, your Glen Cove City police officers have one thing on their minds - your safety.

Our organization proudly represents about 50 law enforcement officers who protect 28,000 residents throughout our 19-square-mile city. These officers train every day so they can provide excellence in public safety to Glen Cove City's residents, businesses, and visitors.

When we’re not responding to emergencies throughout the town, we’re proud to participate in our community through several philanthropic causes. Our community’s support allows your Glen Cove City police officers to carry out our mission of keeping you safe.

We’re honored to be a part of this great community that we have taken an oath to protect.

Mission Statement

The Glen Cove City Police Benevolent Association represents the hardworking and selfless officers who serve Glen Cove City and whose mission it is to keep the community we serve safe; even if that means putting ourselves in harm's way.

Our officers understand the seriousness of their oath and work to uphold that standard every day.

Our organization also strives to nurture the already strong bond we have with the community we serve, and we know that we're nothing without the support of the community. We pledge to work on-duty to strengthen that bond through professionalism and off-duty through philanthropic work with our neighbors in Glen Cove City.